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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Into our second year together

Well since we are a year in we are getting into events which I also wrote about in 2009. Last night was one of them - the annual London Transport Museum fundraising dinner and auction at the Royal Opera House.

Again we were lucky to have Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, as guest speaker and once again he impressed the audience with his sparkling wit. He reminded us that with the final vestiges of the PPP laid to rest he had become the first Conservative politician in decades to renationalise part of the railway network and discussed his plans for a cable car across the Thames from the O2 site. He said he was sure it would be supported by Government having named it after the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills!

(I will let you work that out).

Again the charity auction raised tens of thousands of pounds for the Museum including the ever popular 'Peter Hendy will drive you somewhere in a bus' which reached £10,000 in the auction.

And lastly whilst writing this note I had been reading one of the leading trade magazines today and found the piece on Sir Moir Lockhead's retirement rather familiar. That was because it was quoting directly from this very blog! So we now know it is read by the editors of the press as well. The announcement of Sir Moir's retirement also gave this site its biggest ever number of 'hits' by internet users worldwide.

I know I have said it before but for all those of you who, like me, had been agonising about the jump from Windows PC to Mac, a quite update just to say I am three months in now and every bit of data is just where I put it, the machine starts first time every time, and I've never seen a blue screen or had a system freeze.

I am a convert and can thoroughly recommend it.


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