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Thursday, 3 May 2012


Peter Hendy congratulates the team on restoring RT2775
and LBPT Chairman Peter Duplock listens intently.
Already Thursday and time passing so quickly. 84 days to the Olympics and a few days since the torrential rain at Wisley which reduced the attendance at this annual event.

Peter Hendy and I were pleased to bring LT1. Not quite as pleased as all those poor rain-soaked people who came aboard for a ride around the airfield to get dry.

LT1 was widely appreciated by everyone for its own qualities - comfort, noise levels. design etc and we received numerous positive comments.

After lunch the rain cleared away and so we were able to line up RT1, RM1 and LT1 - London bus prototypes from 1939, 1954 and 2012. And then with clearer skies RT2775 arrived - the London Bus Preservation Group's latest restoration and the sole surviving member of the trio of buses which traveled coast to coast across the North American continent - twice.

Peter Hendy welcomed relatives of members of the 1952 crews and acknowledged the tremendous restoration of RT2775 which was rescued by the original founders of Cobham Bus Museum and now is the newest member of the new London Bus Museum. 

As ever what history does is help us understand the future. New technology, new demands by our passengers and stakeholders, and a new Mayor for London. As I write all the votes have been cast but no result until tomorrow. Watch this space!