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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Locked in

On Friday night I stayed at the Olympic Athlete's Village as part of a "pressure test" of the facilities.

Of course we were late, so were the last to be admitted before "lock-down". So I have experienced the vehicle screening and personal security checks as well as the same "check-in" as the athletes. In due course climbed aboard a Go-Ahead Scania single-decker to be taken to the residential area.

All very interesting - reminds me of the places built by the Soviet countries to train their spies: nearly English but not quite - e.g. belisha beacons but no crossings!

Anyway found my accommodation, and then to test the catering arrangements.

The food was great and the bar attractive (although during Games time there will be no alcohol). We tested the plumbing, beds, catering and transport and all went quite well. Easily ahead of the facilities provided to athletes at previous Olympic venues at this stage of the Games!

The Village Service Centre, gym and police station will all become a school post-Games.

In the catering facility the tent is 18000 sqm - 880 double decker buses could fit in here. It sits 5000 people. On its busiest day will serve 65,000 people.

Those who made it to the bar also found themselves "exposed" in the Observer on Sunday. Members of the Press Office were immediately caught by our "rule" that any of them who are caught IN the media must buy cakes.

The village is amazing and very soon real athletes will be arriving here. Meanwhile outside tonight the first white lines and Olympic rings are being painted on the road surface. From here on every weekend will deliver more changes to the road network both in terms of traffic signals science and physical changes.

All the details are at of course.

I left early Saturday morning - somehow the early morning shoppers at Westfield appearing unaware of the deluge about to arrive at Stratford.

One of my near neighbours filmed it all - you can see it here


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