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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Not done this before

No this is not Photoshop! Peter Tork, me and Dean Friedman
in Bordentown NJ this weekend
Now this is an entirely transport-free story. If you aren't interested, look away now.

Whilst I was in New York at the weekend I went to a concert some 65 miles south west down I-95 to see my good friend and famous chart-topper Dean Friedman.

He still tours UK every year and produces new CDs - in fact back on 26th June I ran a story letting you know you nostalgia-fans could get tickets.

But this weekend he was doing two concerts in Bordentown, NJ - "deep in the bosom of suburbia" to quote him and his lyrics. Yes I did get the prize for the person who came the furthest (by about 3000 miles).

The Interstate was very busy with homegoing Thanksgiving traffic so I was navigating along ordinary roads with my iPhone which is a bit scary - I wonder what we did before that?

Now Dean was playing with Peter Tork - if you are my age you will recall he was one of The Monkees which was a US television show which manufactured a four-man pop group and who went on to have successful records and tours in their own right. Peter was, perhaps, the most accomplished musician of the group - an exceptionally good guitar and keyboard (and French horn) player. Not only is he an intelligent and well-read person, he still enjoys playing and singing even though he is now 68. His group - Shoe Suede Blues - still makes CDs and plays around the US. Peter has suffered a rare form of cancer in these past two years - as often with talented people it has affected a place which is critical - in his case his tongue.

But yes he has fought it and was singing (and playing) with great energy at the weekend - still displaying the same musical talent.

So the audience - all native New Jersey people apart from me - lapped up this great line-up of Dean Friedman and Peter Tork. A hugely successful event and one which I am sure the venue wants to repeat as soon as they can.

Now - some websites for you to look at:

If you are a fan of music of this era - be brave and go buy a CD from these guys. They rely on their sales to keep making music.

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