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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Nearly Christmas

Despite several long journeys last week I lost only 45 minutes on all of them together which was remarkable given the dreadful weather which I came back to in England.

The bad weather once again reminds us that the public is desperate for information whenever there are problems and all the major transport companies were recording record numbers of 'hits' to their websites as people searched for details. Some websites wobbled under the weight of traffic.

As ever there were those who ventured out in appalling conditions clearly determined to catch a bus or a train. Somehow, they must have thought, it will get through perhaps without thinking how the driver would manage to do so himself.

So here let me pay tribute to all those hardy and dedicated staff who got to work and got going to try and serve the public. I have heard numerous cases where this was gratefully received, although, as ever, there are some unfounded and misguided criticisms especially on some of those more outspoken social media sites.

Yes there will have been delays and problems but the staff were doing everything they could.

I hope you read about 'Iris from Billericay' over on the Omnibuses blog on 1st December where a customer rang Radio 4 to complain the bus services were being withdrawn due to dangerous conditions. Click on the link and read it for yourself.

There will be more bad weather this winter and we will be doing everything we can to keep things going.

Now look over on the right. Phil Stockley's blog is back. Click on it and go take a look.

Now a busy week next week. TWO new launches. Stay close and you'll see them as they happen!

This wintry scene is in fact April 2008 - RM1397 at the very nearly-abandoned Cobham Open Day when there was also unprecedented snow! I now know that Mark Pitman sent me this great photo - thanks!



  1. Hello Leon ,
    The photo. of RM1397 is one of mine. A very odd day by dinnertime the snow had gone,,
    Mark Pitman