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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

New engineering training unit

I was in Aberdeen on Monday for the launch of our new mobile engineering training unit.

The bus is the unique East Lancs Vyking bodied Volvo B7 which worked for us in London for some years. It is now transformed into a state-of-the-art facility on both decks with computers, teaching aids and some bus components all wired/plumbed into a test rig. It is powered by a marine generator which runs amazingly quietly powering all the systems.

Very soon it will set off on its everlasting national orbit of engineering facilities across the country. The vehicle has been designed to offer both Managerial and Engineering training utilising two classrooms (one upper and one lower), providing training to up to fifteen people at any one time. Wherever possible training offered will be aligned with a recognised National body such as the IRTE thereby offering a professional development for our engineers and managers.

For practical training we have a fully functioning electrical training board provided by PSV and J Lewis Auto Electrical, which covers a complete charging and starting system including-inhibitors and engine bay micro switches. Secondly we have a fully operational air braking system board, provided by AP Group. – this provides for training to be delivered on both basic brake and more complex advanced air brake systems. In the near future additional boards will be developed to cover door systems and high pressure common rail fuel systems.


Thornton Brothers for the conversion
AP Group for the Air Brake board
Volvo for the supply of Air Brake products and training material
PSV Transport Systems for joint supply of the Electrical board
J Lewis Auto Electrical for joint supply of the Electrical board
Streamtec for the supply of the White Boards
Alexander Dennis Door and Ramp systems plus training material
Wrightbus Door and Ramp systems plus training material


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