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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Well, what did you expect?

Today was indeed the launch of the mock-up of the New Bus for London. It is now residing in the London Transport Museum Depot at Acton where it will be used for stakeholder visits to further refine the design features for the first prototypes which are being built.

The Mayor of London, TfL officials and the Directors of Wrightbus all warmly welcomed this new product - the first dedicated bus for London for over 50 years.

The vehicle looks deceptively real - you really believe you could run it in service tomorrow. In fact it is only a mock up made of wood and resin and construction of the first real vehicles has some way to go yet.

Under the skin the power unit and arrangements for the new vehicle are also revolutionary and will bring the latest in hybrid technology. We can expect to see this fully tested on more conventional vehicles before long.

There is a fine selection of photographs across at

These (and the one above) were taken by my good friend and Photographer-for-Rent Colin Evans at Kapture-It and you can see more of his work across at He does  photoshoots, events, stuff like that so if you have need of a photographer give him a shout, please!


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  1. This isn't a plug, but if you like to see some interior pictures, then you'll find a selection at