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Saturday, 27 November 2010

New York, New York

Dawn over Manhattan
 Well I'm sorry there has been such a long gap since the last blog but thanks for all the hugely positive comments about the Safe Journey Card all of which are being fed back internally for the future.

Passenger Safety Month ends this week and has been a great success.

I am in New York so thought I would start this message with a picture of dawn over Manhattan this morning which I took at about 11am UK time. Yes my day is just starting.

As you will know the UK Bus Awards took place last week - indeed we won London Bus Driver of the Year which was a great boost for us and for our winner Phil Hiett. Paul is a 26 year serving bus driver. He has a record of commendations, including being awarded our own Superstar award for dealing with an elderly lady pedestrian who, clearly disoriented, he took to the nearest Police Station.
Phil Hiett and Regional MD Adrian Jones

There are a number of awards during the year. We just had the RouteONE Awards during the Euro Bus Expo and there are also the National Transport Awards, London Transport Awards and others. What do people think of these? it is a great boost for the staff involved, it highlights our achievements in a world where the negative stories nearly always are prominent, and it inspires others to do better. On the other hand is there a risk we convince ourselves things are good when in some places they are not? And what about a notable and regular award winner where citing such continued success, the Trade Union went for strike action as the spoils of success were clearly not been shared with them, they said?

I would welcome all our views - privately or on this blog - as we prepare for another season!


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