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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Opening Ceremony preview

I really did take this in the Olympic Park but
not necessarily yesterday!
With so little time left now we have had the last rehearsal of the Opening Ceremony. All 50,000 of us were sworn to secrecy so no photographs!

In public transport terms all the guests were delivered to the Olympic Park in good time and the system whisked them away again afterwards. The park was clear by 2300 and there were trains to spare.

There is now a great feeling about the Games. Traffic is flowing in Central London, the Games Family is travelling to and from their venues, broadly in line with target journey times, and everyone appears to be ready for it all to start.

Meantime, as I write the Torch is on its final day of touring the London Boroughs and very shortly we will join it for its last few miles before arriving in Hyde Park. It has one more unique mode of transport to enjoy and will be uploading photos later!



  1. There seems to be a distinct lack of passengers in the big red taxis from Hackney to Islington, athough this morning there were large crowds at the Angel for the torch.

    Perhaps people have listened to advice and either gone on holiday or are working from home.

  2. Leon, please take a look a look at this site and the comments about the ORN in E1W: