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Saturday, 21 July 2012

My diary continues

So that was Thursday - all eight LTs together for a photocall at Ash Grove. 

What happened on Friday?

Well of course a stream of important things as London gets ready and on Friday night an army of highway contractors moved in to make the final changes to London's road network: three nights of major works ahead of the final week before the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Games.

These changes are now the physical ones - banned left and right turns, removal of pedestrian crossings and barriers to prevent illegal movements. In addition we continue change London's traffic signals. This is a gradual process as the traffic has to adapt. But in essence we are creating the capacity needed for all the additional people in London. These measures give priority to the Olympic Route Network to deliver the journey times to and from Olympic venues which we are required to deliver, by the Olympic authorities, and create space by adjusting the rate of flow into Central London.

But on Friday night the Torch itself came to London, Two Sea King helicopters flew in from Surrey, through Tower Bridge to the Tower of London.

The first Sea King swooped in, took up a position just above the Traitor's Gate to allow several personnel to descend by rope to the ground. It's job done, the first Sea King departed and took up station near The Shard.

Then the second Sea King hovered above the Traitor's Gate and Royal Marine Martin Williams descended the rope carefully carrying the Olympic Flame. Once on the ground a new torch was lit and Dame Kelly Holmes proudly carried into the Tower of London itself.

With military precision it was all done in minutes but with typical flair it arrived at 2012.......

The Torch is now visiting all of the London Boroughs. Greenwich to Newham today; Redbridge, Barking, Havering and Bexley on Sunday. This carries on all week until arriving in Westminster on Thursday.

The Torch has already travelled on the TfL network - it was on the Woolwich Ferry today, and it has an Underground train and a bus to use yet.

London is really different and each day the excitement is growing. More news here and on Twitter as it happens!


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