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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Green Line Anniversary

It's Green Line's 80th anniversary and on 17th July there is a celebration and road run from London to Guildford along route 715.

Oh dear, some of us remember the 50th and 60th too! This one is exactly on the anniversary date!

Full details are at

You can expect a host of ancient and modern Green Line vehicles so an important date for your diary.

I'm wading in with two photographs of my own. T504, a 10T10, is reprising what Green Line coaches often did, which was to perform morning peak hour workings on local bus routes before entering service - here pretending to be a 445 at Eton.

And also the splendid and newly restored RT3238 Green Line RT shown here being stalked by something more modern. RT3238 is owned by John Hammell and has been faithfully restored over a long period (which might have something to do with John's long involvement in the pop music business.....)

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