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Saturday, 17 July 2010

Green Line 80

Now I know you all have your Green Line 80th photos so I have to come, as usual perhaps, from a different side.

Unless you've been here (home that is) you won't have seen my framed 1962 Green Line poster - one of a series - announcing the arrival of Routemaster coaches. It's in my hall.

Well Matt Wool - our talented Marketing Manager in Berkshire - sent me this really great re-rendering of it in the context of our super Wrights double-decker Green Line coaches.

I love it because these routes were at one time close to withdrawal but the outstanding efforts of the Berkshire team and the introduction of 'Rainbow fares' we are - even now - increasing the double-decker requirement on these services.

I also love it because the Windsor Green Line 704 and 705 were my original, childhood lifeline to Central London - indeed a reason why the RC class is a particular fond memory of mine (even if not for the engineers!) - as they provided what we would call now a 'step-change' in quality on these services.

So, in a moment of pure indulgence (what is a blog for??) I am delighted to reproduce Matt's poster as well as a clip from today's activities.

I am, you might have worked out, on Hungerford bridge as T219 and T504 lead the convoy.


  1. The poster's brilliant. :) Love the reference to fluorescent lighting as being a major attraction, an excellent nod back to times gone by.

    Was it done as a one-off or a genuine marketing tool? Think it would have been brilliant to promote the Twin decks, and may have put a wry smile on the face of a number of passengers.

    Thanks for continuing with the blog Leon - it's a hard and thankless job, and one I fail at every time I try.

  2. Wonderful poster.

    More "twin decks" on the 702, please!