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Sunday, 18 October 2009

Old friends

I was thrilled today to meet up with my old mate Michael Dryhurst who I've not seen in ten years even though he has moved from California.

The temptation of email and the occasional letter means you never quite get around to meeting properly but we did today at the Science Museum Reserve Collection at Wroughton.

What a good reminder that time passes so quickly and we have memories which not only fail - they can become difficult to access without the right stimulus! We are of course resolved to meet more frequently. He has for some time been retired from his glittering career in the Hollywood film business and has been taking life ever so slightly more leisurely.

Michael was, of course, "V H Darling" the respected transport author and column writer, and he was instrumental in bringing RT1 back from America, thereby allowing it to be restored here. I have threatened to strap him to a machine and download him but he has offered instead to talk freely over dinner, which I look forward to enormously.

And the lesson is - don't neglect your old frends !

That's him on the right!


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