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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Aberdeen Monday

Tonight's first tribute is to Denise Robertson who left us today after a glittering career as my PR manager for Scotland and East England. Denise was an absolute star, never backed away from an assignment no matter how challenging, and taught me the value of social networking (like this!). She las left us to take up a much more challenging role in her native Scotland. We are sad for oursleves but pleased for her, as she moves into greater things.

I have promised not to refer to the huge glass of red wine she once spilled over me so will not do so here.

It's been an Aberdeen day - started Sunday afternoon via Heathrow so as to be in Aberdeen for our regular monthly formal Bus Safety and UK Bus Board Meeting. Despite getting a head start I then rate late all day.

In Aberdeen we have our amazing new depot and office. The staff really appreciate the new facilities and there is more to come.

I left at 5pm for the airport and down to London on BA. Lateness continued as I arrived to have supper with some friends and so missed the first course entirely. My host tonight Andrew Braddock, latterly Head of the Accessible Unit at TfL but was Field Operations Director for London Country when I first landed on him with two open BMMO D9s about 30 years ago at an event neither of us entirely recalls.....

Andrew's daughter was married in July (I missed it - I was in Germany!) but RML2735 didn't and it was driven by Peter Hendy. So tonight those of us who were instrumental in Teresa's wedding logistics (Barry le Jeune, Doug Rose et al) reassembled.

I was only an hour late. (But I did get the prize for the longest distance travelled).

I think the happy couple enjoyed a group of older folks discussing phone boxes, London taxis, Roneo vs Gestetner duplicators, Underground maps, and being mugged in Helsinki. No matter - they can choose whether to attend this periodic reunion in their name - the rest of us certainly will!

Tonight's photo - the new Park and Ride livery for Aberdeen. We saw it today forthe first time. Sorry - only had the iPhone camera. Some work to do on this but here (and only here) is the current version of the new livery!

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