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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

7th July 2005

Today was the anniversary of the London bombings - three on the Underground and one on a route 30 bus.

This anniversary is recognised annually but on this tenth occasion there were simultaneous marks of respect at each of the sites, as well as at the permanent memorial in Hyde Park and a service of thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral.

Survivors, families, colleagues and friends were joined by passers-by at each of the locations.

Whilst Commissioner of Transport Sir Peter Hendy accompanied the Prime Minister and Metropolitan Police Commissioner at Hyde Park, London Underground Managing Director Mike Brown attended Kings Cross.

For my part I went to Tavistock Square - the site of the explosion that killed 13 people on a route 30 bus which was on diversion due to the earlier incidents. The bomb detonated outside the British Medical Association who were also represented today along with the gallant and brave members of TfL staff, the emergency services, and the public, putting themselves at risk if further devices were to go off. 

With me was George Psarakadis (pictured) - the Stagecoach bus driver of that 30 bus.  He steadfastly continues to drive London’s bus passengers but today we walked, side-by-side to place the wreaths at the Tavistock Square memorial site.

Later we went to St Paul’s Cathedral for a memorable and moving service of remembrance. All of the faiths were represented and the service was attended by the Prime Minister, past and present Mayors, Ministers and members of the London Assembly. With us all were the families and survivors of that terrible day.

Uplifted by the music, words and prayers of the service we left the main entrance of St Paul’s to London going about its business as usual. As it did immediately after those terrible events of ten years ago.



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