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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Year of the Bus

Thanks to Peter Zabek for photo

This week we formally launched 2014 as “Year of the Bus”.

Year of the Bus will be centred around four themes - contribution to the economy, heritage, people and innovation of London.

We can look forward to celebrations across London throughout the year kicking off on 4th February with radio’s Robert Elms interviewing me at the London Transport Museum. (See website for tickets).

Events will take place at Brooklands in April, Central London in June, Finsbury Park in July, and hopefully at Millbrook’s Testing Ground in Bedfordshire in September. Plus numerous other local events in and around London.

Today at City Hall, Mayor Boris Johnson launched Year of the Bus to the assembled media. The star was undoubtably the silver-liveried New Routemaster LT150. Look out for these silver vehicles operating across London during 2014.

The Mayor reminded Londoners that its bus service is the life-line of London’s economy taking people to and from work, school and leisure to the tune of 6.5million journeys per day.

In fact, more passengers now use the bus than at any time since 1958.

Three London buses are currently overseas promoting British innovation and technology. The world is looking towards us hoping to learn more about how we carry as many passengers every day by bus as the for example, entire population of Rio de Janeiro!

In the meantime, behind the scenes restoration continues at great speed on an old B-type bus which will arrive in London in the summer. Besides helping us celebrate Year of the Bus it will take front stage in the commemoration of 100 years since the declaration of World War I. Fittingly it will don the khaki livery before setting off for Flanders in the autumn. 

We are set for a brilliant Year of Bus - full of activities - bringing colour and memories.

Welcome to Year of the Bus !


  1. What a shame routes 7,13 & 94 cannot have these vehicles for various explained reasons you have kindly shared with me. Hope no other routes have same misfortunes

  2. Since there is going to be some silver NBFL's, so if the route 9H gets withdrawn under consultation, will the SRM3 (Silver Routemaster) move to West Ham garage for the 15H?

    But anyway...
    As part of Year of the Bus, I remember during my childhood that London used to have non red buses under contract to LRT. I always thought London buses have individual colours per route in the Outer London areas. But there are few routes in Central London specially route 24 where it had the infamous Grey Green livery. :)

    But I be looking forward to see more Silver NBFL's coming over. Also I hope some of the NBFL's can do an all over advertising like what it's done with the conventional buses.
    London is famous for it's red double decker buses regardless of what double deck bus type is it's an icon to London. :)

    1. Other than the Green [Lincoln Green/Mid Green&Yellow/NBC Green] Buses in Outer London, all ex LCBS. Metrobus had their Blue&Yellow livery in the mid 1980s, Kentish Bus had their Maroon and Cream, even on Routemasters in central London. Some of the Units like Bexleybus also had non red livery. There are now at least 7 preserved ex Metrobus buses with the Bromley Bus Preservation Group, and used by Metrobus as part of their 30 year anniversary last September.

  3. How can you call it the Year of the Bus when you are axing half of the remaining Heritage Routemasters which were the most successful and popular bus of all time?

    1. One route withdrawn, buses transferred to operate the other route, possibly with a frequency increase and extension.

      Overall a very minor reduction in numbers of vehicles - only 10 run each day - 5 on each route.

    2. There are no plans to extend or increase frequency on route 15H. All they will do is chose the 'best' remaining buses assigned to each route and then sell the rest.

      Yes only 10 run per day at the moment. Once they axe the 9H only 5 will run per day. This is a 50% reduction. Not sure how you can call this 'a very minor reduction'.

  4. from 2016 half of londons buses will be axed cos of this corrupt governments policies

    1. very much doubt 50% of Londons buses will be gone in 2 years time.

      Anyway, it is the mayor that decides what happens with Londons buses, not the government.

    2. The comment was about 50% of the heritage Routemasters, not 50% of all London buses.

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