Sunday, 8 December 2013

The conclusion of my 2009 Christmas Eve story

Regular readers will remember the story from four years ago, the one about the old London bus we found in France - of all places.

To recap go to

Originally brought home in 2004, it was despatched for restoration. It was a huge job! As I had previously described – the interior, the hole in the floor, etc – it was a complete wreck.

The photos speak for themselves:

As originally found in 2003

One of our bigger challenges for the journey was a major fuel problem which was overcome by feeding the header tank from a 25litre plastic container down a hosepipe through the front saloon window.

The before and after of the lower saloon
Incredible considering the length of time of disuse and all we know about the degradation of fuel systems and the fungus that grows in it.

A final problem was the refusal of the DVLA to return its original registration number – the authorities confused as ever of decades of identity swaps by London buses and an ever-reducing number of us who know how/why it was done and how to convince modern young officials of the legitimacy of it all.

And so eventually they were – and just in time for the vehicle to make its first official debut on Saturday along with other vintage vehicles at the annual Ensignbus running day.

You will agree that a fabulous job has been done.


  1. That is how the 9h & 15h should look..ghastly inside them now.

    What bus is being converted after 148,I only know 205 & 10 are getting nb4L but no dates

  2. WVL4 LG02KGX Fulham Broadway 12:49 72432 Bank Station/Queen Victoria Street Route 11 nb4l I dont think so!!!

  3. Dear Mr Daniels,
    My name is Safya and I'm a science journalist. I'm writing an article on Cycle Eye, a new safety device for bus drivers for I am having trouble finding your email address hence the post comment I hope you will read. Would it be possible to interview you for five minutes by phone about buses and cycling in London?