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Friday, 12 April 2013

The stream of New Buses for London starts

In only a couple of months route 24 will be converted, overnight, to a fleet of New Bus for London vehicles and so delivery of the fleet of 600 production vehicles is now underway. This photo shows LTs 9,10 and 11 leaving the factory for the docks.

Construction started last year. The vehicles take advantage of volume production, with lighter materials, latest developments, and increasing production line familiarity. Vehicles will be despatched from Ballymena at an increasing rate and vehicles will be stockpiled for each conversion.

We have two conversions to do this year, starting with route 24 at Metroline. (No this blog won't let on what the second one is....yet!).

Meanwhile most of the prototype fleet are at work on route 38 and operating very reliably indeed. This will continue. Further testing work has been underway as well as work to bring LT1 into line with the other prototypes. There is a significant demonstration programme to other operators being devised following numerous requests, so you will see examples making some unusual journeys. Details of these will be announced shortly.



  1. Good Post Mate and I wonder what the other conversion is. :)

  2. just love the new design. truly a work of art in my opinion. i am truly looking forward to seeing these pass me as i walk the streets of london, and im even more excited to ride on one!

  3. Superb news, I will be looking forward to the 22nd June. :)

    Left Ireland to make their new home in London to enter service on the 24. :)

  4. Hi Leon, sorry to contact you via this forum, I am a bus driver in London. I allow anyone under 16 to travel free with card, anyone retired with valid card and anyone without a job. but an army service person who has fought for our country and after recent events unable to wear full uniform whilst traveling in public has to pay because the tfl directive is army members can only travel free on production of their card whilst in full uniform. please could I ask for you to review this directive and allow serving staff to travel free at anytime on production of membership card. Kind Regards, Chris