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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Aboard the Greyhound

Well it certainly is a first as I write my blog on a Greyhound bus travelling across New Jersey.

Although I have frequently seen 'behind the scenes' at this operation this is my first experience as a passenger. So with my 'customer service' hat on, how was it?

Very good! Booking on line was simple enough although on the day the system clearly had got out of sync with the day of the week and it was only a double-check that made sure I wasn't booking on the wrong day. With my on-line booking in my hand it was simple to use the 'will call' facility at the terminal ticket machine and is gave me my travel tickets and also some vouchers to use.

I was early so I was allowed on board an earlier departure with no trouble at all.

The coach ('bus' out here of course) was clean and tidy. Hmm, no announcements, but as boarding gates are used it was unlikely I was on the wrong vehicle. The driver was really good, answered the odd question and got us to our destination inside the schedule.

So the only improvement I would want is perhaps a nice announcement, welcome aboard, this is where we are going, this is how long it will take, things like that.

And for journeys in the USA which are under four hours city to city you'll be just as well off as on a plane since many airports are some distance from the cities that they serve and by the time you have dealt with check-in, security and delays as well as the transfers to/from the city then the bus is a good alternative.

Sorry - still don't have the hang of adding photos when mobile. Facebook has it!


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