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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Heritage Running Day routes 9 and 15

Peter Hendy and me with RM1005 -
and a recently-repatriated
Canadian RTL in the background

Well you would expect a blog tonight after our highly-successful Heritage Running Day on routes 9 and 15.

About a dozen special vehicles in service, perhaps the largest number of Leyland engined vehicles (RMs and RTLs) in London service for a very long time. And it was fine enough for two open-toppers!

For me the sight from the cab of RT8 and other roofboxes queueing in the London traffic in the other direction was the best.

We also did a special job. The District Line was closed Dagenham East to Embankment so route 15 was especially busy.

Thanks to all the owners - private owners plus EnsignBus and London Bus Company for coming out today and doing what our preservation movement is all about in my view: running in London service and carrying real people.

One day it might be harder legally and further on even not enough oil to power these fine vehicles. This is a good time to do all this and bring a smile to the faces of ordinary folk in the street - a phrase I lift from the late Prince Marshall's TV interview in the 1970s when explaining his mission to secure and preserve old vehicles. Having been 'on the back' of RM1005 today I know how much pleasure we have brought to unsuspecting souls.

People were amazed to have been driven by the Commissioner Peter Hendy and to have him take their photo!

Yes, this was Transport FOR London!

Send me your photos - I didn't have much chance to take any!

Hard to believe but this is 2011 !


  1. i agree it was a splendid day and congratulations to all concerned. However I did see RML 2760 on the 15 so there was at least one AEC Routemaster! I think it only did one return trip.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. You are right and the text amended accordingly!