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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Holiday bulletin

Well as you probably know I am on holiday.

Currently at St Pete's Beach is on the west coast of Florida and where it is generally in the mid 80s. Everything so far provided by British Airways, Avis and everyone else has been great.

Gulf sunsets are magic every night as the colours change with the weather and cloud formations so are popular with everyone. And our hotel was hosting an advanced American Customer Service conference which I thought was really funny. American service industries are very good but to have several hundred really polite guests as well, all holding the doors open for each other and wishing each other to have a nice day was hysterical.

And if you DO hold a conference at a beach resort you do risk people drifting off in the afternoons. However the suits were a bit of a giveaway!

I'm afraid posting photos on this blog remotely isn't going too well but periodic photos of this excursion are on my Facebook site. I will post the sunset over there next.


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