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Friday, 16 April 2010

And another shaggy dog story

Greyhound is comning to Bournemouth starting 1st May.

This week we launched it in Bournemouth's Town Square and Managing Director Alex Warner was there with a real greyhound to do so.

This latest expansion introduces another destination to the portfolio of Greyhound destinations as well as the new links to the Isle of Wight mentioned earler this week.

Of course all our plans for all of our people went awry this week as volcanic ash shut down air travel across the UK. We all ended up with changed plans although perhaps none as much as the Aberdeen team who were in Bournemouth!

I was OK - I was in Lancashire and had good train alternatives!

It's an ill wind.......

As I write we are deploying coaches to airports in Scotland ready for the first long haul flights which are expected.

As always business is about being ready for the unexpected. Contingency planning and business opportunities. In his book about South West Airlines, the US low-cost carrier, former CEO Herb Kelleher talks about how when you are dealing with the random nature of people moving, being light on your feet and being ready to move is critical.

In the earliest days of my own Capital Citybus business being owned by the management team we knew our earliest months would be tough. In the event within a few weeks of buying it, a major incident in the London Docklands prompted us to despatch, without being requested, some buses to replace the DLR. Not only were they needed, the numbers were officially increased several times over and the requirement persisted for many days.

A most welcome boost to our income at a critical time!

Thanks for all the comments about the new Greyhound connections to the Isle of Wight which start on 1st May and can be accessed by clicking on the "add extras and checkout" icon when booking to Portsmouth afterthat date.


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