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Friday, 5 March 2010

The last word about the Bristol breastfeeding on bus story

In my last post I told you the story of a lady named Amy Wootten who accused our driver of throwing her off a bus in Bristol having been breastfeeding her baby on the journey.

Never before have so many people read my blog and so many made comments!

And yes, we did immediately make an apology and send flowers & high street vouchers - even before we had chance to interview the driver and view the CCTV.

Why? We know that for most people a speedy response and apology goes a long way. We could say "we're waiting to conduct an investigation" but that sounds awfully like "we're not sure whether to believe you". I am certain this is right - otherwise the 'balanced' press coverage isn't very balanced at all and we know for most people a prompt apology is better than a factually precise response some time later.

Only occasionally does the complaint turn out to be complete fiction - as in this case. On those odd occasions we have to do what we can to get the real facts published but since the media too has been hoodwinked by the deception they are normally only too glad to do so.

Well, the lady has issued her own public apology, and in recognition of this, I will say no more about it:

Photo: following the introduction of new Volvo B7RLE single-deckers on busy routes 8 and 9 the outgoing Dennis Darts in their special version of our livery are seen much less often on the forecourt of Temple Meads Station, and in an attempt to simplify the services route 8A (and indeed 9A) are no more.


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  1. ....And so, 'post natal depression' gets trotted out as the reason for all this. Better to take note of the CCTV next time perhaps?

    Unfortunately - while I am sure First's PR department are no doubt doing their best - I haven't seen any of the national dailies (that I take anyway) print the lady's retraction yet. But they were quick enough to run the story in the first place....