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Monday, 7 December 2009

More from Saturday and some love letters too!

Thanks everyone for your photos from Saturday. I was going to replace the one as I promised but actually I have had a spectacular one from Russell Young and another great one from Bob Stanger, my conductor, who helped make the day really enjoyable so I have decided to post them both here as well.

I know you've been across to the Omnibuses blog (link on the right) to see my interview which I hope you like.

Thanks to my intrepid PR Manager and would-be sleuth in the South West (which is an area from Penzance to Leicester!) Karen Baxter we have a great story running in the West Country today which looks like it will go national tomorrow. A bag (which was lost property in 2008) contains items from the 1940s - love letters, poems, and photographs etc. from around the world. The search is now on to return them to the rightful owner. is the link and Karen is waiting to hear from someone about these right now!

(The one of me is the photo by Bob Stanger and the one where I am attempting to drown the photographers is by Russell Young).


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